Monday, October 7, 2013

TUSAL and other updates!

This past week was definitely a productive one!

I have a picture of the framed birth announcement that I finished for my niece. :) My brother and SIL loved it.

Birth Announcement for my Niece
Dimensions Kit
14ct. AIDA and Floss provided

I also made some progress on "The Lady and the Flag"
"The Lady and The Flag"
Progress as of 10/6/2013
I decided to take her out of the frame for now. I decided to start some of the ornaments that I need to get done for the holiday season. I started the Snowman below for my nephew.

Snowman 2014 ornament
16ct. AIDA, DMC floss
"Ornaments Galore" Leisure arts book
My ORTs for the month are rather full, so much so that I needed to change the small jar I was using to a larger bowl. Check out DaffyCat's blog for information on TUSAL.

There is everything from the birth announcement, blankets, and "the Lady and Flag"

Finally, I made it 1/3 of the way through the baby blanket.

All in all....A very productive week!

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