Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Update!

So last weekend was my mom's birthday and when my husband was out of town to see his family. That means I was able to make some progress on a few things.

1.) First, I can do a little happy dance as "You're So Sweet, I Can Hardly Bear It!" is finished and I have a pic to show for it.
"You're So Sweet"
18ct. Cream Aida
DMC, 2 x 1
2.) I also made some more progress on the Butterfly cushion. I did have a slight problem where I pushed part of the pin through my finger so I may need to take a break while my finger heals. Here is the progress with more black added and the pink is finished on that half.

on 8/22/2013

Progress as of 8/25/2013

3.) I also made some progress on the blanket for my soon-to-be-born niece. I added about 4 more inches and made a color change.

Progress as of 8/22/2013

Progress as of 8/25/2013
4.) I also made a few projects on my sewing machine: finished some quilted coasters and made my first placemat.

complete coasters - Moda - Sassy's charm squares backed in black cotton
30 finished coasters

Patriotic placemat

All in all, I was very productive this weekend while crafting and spent some quality time with my family. I am excited to see what this upcoming week brings. :) Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, August 19, 2013

IHSW Progress

Well... if I look at the goals that I had set for myself I am 1/5. Here are some pics to show progress:
1.) Goal: Complete 2nd half of black outline on butterfly-
Butterfly Cushion Progress - 8/18/2013
I would say I am about 2/3 of the way through that portion of the black outline. Not too shabby if I say so myself. I did get bored with doing the just black portions and may just do color in some of the open sections soon.

2.) Goal: Reach 8" on the Niece's Blanket - COMPLETE
This one was easy....hoping to switch colors soon:)

3.) Complete 1 fingerless glove -
I added a few rows and started the thumb gusset. I am about half way on this one.

I also started another one -

This is using Plymouth Yarns - Pacifico in a beautiful grey. The pattern is by Purl soho.

4.) Complete 1 dishrag - COMPLETE
  But I forgot to take a picture of it. :(

5.) Complete "You're so Cute, I can Hardly Bear It." - Missing the Bear it
This one will be finished tonight. I am sure of it.

I will also have a weekend of stitching as my hubby is leaving on Thursday and will not be back until late monday. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

IHSW Weekend Goals

The goals for this weekend, starting tonight:

1.) Complete the entire black outline portion of the second half of Butterfly cushion. As a reminder, here it is from my last post:
It should be noted that I have added about 200 stitches to her other half since this picture.

2.) Be at a length of 8" on the niece's blanket. Here is the pic of her at my last progress check-in:
I did some frogging on this one last night and pulled out the dark brown and a few rows of the beige that were frayed. Once I got a look at the bedding this past weekend the dark chocolate color did not match. As such it sits at about 3" currently.

3.) Complete 1 Fingerless glove (I realized I referenced them as wristlets in my last post which was not accurate) in the beautiful silk blend from Uruguay.

4.) Complete 1 knitted dish rag.

5.) Complete - You're so cute I can hardly bear it. Here is the progress pic from my last check-in.
6.) If I am feeling ambitious, work on another WIP.

With the extra Day, I am hoping to get a lot done. :) Happy Stitching to all!

Monday, August 12, 2013

TUSAL and more!

First and foremost, I need to post my TUSAL update. If you want to know more, check out DaffyCat's blog.
There are ORT's from The Birth Announcement, yarn from the blanket I started knitting, some dish rags and the Butterfly cushion that I put back in the hoop. (Which I forgot to take a picture of :) )

But I do have some knitting updates:

 I added a few rows to the Scarf I am knitting for an aunt. I am really liking the easy pattern I made but I am hoping that I have enough yarn. :(

I also started a new project, Wristlets for myself. They are made with a silk blend from Uruguay. This is my first project knitting in the round with Double pointed needles so hopefully it goes well.
I am also adding a WIP page on here as well. Please check back for updates.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fabulous weekend

So this past weekend was fabulous for many aspects:
1.) I made great progress on the knitted blanket I am making for my niece who is scheduled to arrive in September.
The colors are going to be chocolate brown, beige, light teal and cream to match the bedding in the room. The good thing is I had all the colors except the light teal in my stash :)

2.) I also completed the entire cross stick portion of the birth announcement for the same niece and started on the back stitch.

I really love how it came out and that it is not overly girly. I am not a huge fan of room's that look like they explode pink.

3.) I also began some work on a scarf that I am making for my Aunt for Christmas:
She loves purple so this seemed like a good idea. The yarn is a natural cotton that I picked up at a weaving store in Waynesville, OH. I love how it feels when I am knitting.

4.) I also progressed with the inventory of my stash as well. I found another unfinished project ( or 2). The first is a heart biscornu that is from a book of patterns I received as a freebie from a cross stitching magazine. I included a pic of the cover of the book below as well as my progress.

I also found a few unfinished ornaments as well:

They both need minimal work to complete them so I am hoping to get them finished in the near future.

Tonight I am onto more inventory and stitching! Hope everyone has a happy week.