Friday, August 28, 2015

Stitch from my Stash 2015 part B - August 2015

It's time for Stitch from my Stash Check-in for August 2015. I wish I had pictures but my camera and phone died within 24 hours of one another and I am working to get that solved. But here is my progress for the month:

Month: August Spent: $0.00 Earned: $0.00 
Carryover from July: $35.00
Carryover to September: $60.00

I should be able to post pics too.

Happy stitching everyone!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 2015 Crafting Goals

So I finally got my travel schedule defined and could finalize by Crafting goals:

August 2015 Goals:
1.) Craft from my stash
2.) Finish 2 other dish rags
3.) complete baby quilt for my best friend
4.) Complete knitting baby blanket for her baby as well
5.) Finish 4 full pages of "one Nation"

Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, August 3, 2015

July Goals check-in

So this is most likely going to be a catch all post to make sure that I have covered the progress that I have made in July 2015. My goals for July can be found below with my progress following them:

July 2015 Goals 1.) Stitch from My Stash: really craft from my stash period - COMPLETE - spent zero 2.) Blog at least 5 times - COMPLETE - by the skin of my teeth 3.) Complete Batik Brick quilt top and get it to the longarmer - COMPLETE 4.) Get fabric picked for A&P wedding quilt and ET baby Quilt 5.) Complete in progress shawl and Cowl - Shawl COMPLETE - Cowl In Progress 6.) Complete 4 ornaments - completed 1/4 - FAIL 7.) Complete Stocking and give to Friend - COMPLETE 8.) Work on 2 other stitching WIP - I am not sure how to categorize this one as I have pics to show of 99 and of a new start but I don't have proof of the 100 or so stitches that I put in Naomi's Blackwork at the all day Stitch-in. I am going to call this COMPLETE for now.

As for August Goals - I am still working through those as I am finalizing my travel schedule from my day job.

So here is where 99 ended up - 3 more completed shelves for a total of 6 and only 3 more to go.
I have also been working on the following pattern that I started at the Stitch-in:

And here is the progress thus far:

The Ecru color is very hard to see in the light and it leading me to think that I may want to change it out for another color. White did not look any better. But of the 8 pages of pattern I have completed 1.5.

Happy stitching everyone!