Monday, September 28, 2015

SFS 2015B Check-in - September

It's that time of year again for Stitch from my Stash - Part B Check-in:

Month: September
Carryover from August: $60.00
Budget: $25.00
Spent: $0.00
Earned: $0.00
Carryover to October: $85.00

The only purchase I made this month was to buy another leather thimble for my fingers. I spent time on three main projects this month:
1.) The stocking for a friend
2.) The cowl for myself
3.) The back stitching on some ornaments stiched on plastic.

The impromptu work trips are causing some issues with time but I am trying to find projects that I can travel with on planes.

I will have a check-in on things in the next day or two.

Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, September 25, 2015

So More Progress!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to show progress on the other stocking and cowl I have been working on.

Cowl - Galileo yarn by Knitpicks- pattern is my design

The goal is to have both completed soon but I am really getting the hankering to start something new too. :(

Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Well...I had hoped to have more to show but with three impromptu work trips back to back, I am just glad I took pics.

First, the Batik Bricks quilt is complete.

I love the full backing I splurged for at the long armer as well has how great the square quilting pattern plays off the bricks top.

I also have been working on another stocking.
This picture was from about 10 days ago so I will take another pic after this weekend to show progress.

the plans for this weekend are the work on the stocking!

Happy stitching!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Monthly Goals: September 2015

My goals for the MOnth of August were as follows -

August 2015 Goals:
1.) Craft from my stash - COMPLETE
2.) Finish 2 other dish rags - COMPLETE - pics to come when I get my camera situation figured out.
3.) complete baby quilt for my best friend - COMPLETE and sent to her

4.) Complete knitting baby blanket for her baby as well - FAIL - didn't even start. I had an impromptu work trip that came up in the middle of the week that
5.) Finish 4 full pages of "one Nation" - completed 3.5, then I got bored in the stars section so I moved onto a new project.

September 2015 Goals:
1.) Blog more
2.) Start my craft inventory
3.) Complete my new project
4.) Complete the binding on the Batik Bricks quilt and give to my cousin
5.) Work on "99"
6.) Finish at least 4 Christmas Ornaments.

I also hemmed some curtains for my mom.
Now I am actually off of work today through Monday (which is a holiday for most companies in teh US) so this will be a Big week for crafting for me.

Happy stitching everyone!