Monday, November 30, 2015

An Early Christmas Gift

So every year I make my grandmother something hand made for her birthday and Christmas. Most of the time the gifts are combined as they are both in the month of December. Last year I made her a Quilt and a shawl. This year it was a little smaller in that I made her a tote bag and a key fob. To be honest, I was panicking this year. I had this great plan for a tote bag and an infinity scarf but time totally got away from me. Here is the tote bag.
 Americana tote bag back

Americana Tote bag front

Americana tote bag internal  - 2 pocket side
Americana tote bag internal - 3 pocket side.
This is the first bag I have made myself and I am quite proud. The pattern I used was the Twister tote by Around the Bobbin. This was the easy tote secondary pattern. I will try the twister one of these days. I used some fabrics I had in my stash. The cream was a random fat quarter. The solid navy was left over from the plus sign quilt. The 2 batik's were from a shopping excursion some time last year to the Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH. I love that store.

Happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A finish?

So in the middle of work and Thankgiving prep madness I was able to finish a few small items:

Fabric Box - Scrap fabric and interfacing
 I was also able to finish a few Christmas ornaments from a JanLynn Kit. I had started the one mug as a part of the January challenge that I took part in and they spoke to me to finish this month. 4 of the 6 are completed as you can see below and I only have backstitching to complete on the other 2.

Now I just need to find time to make them all into ornaments for a tree. Hopefully, I can find time between now and the holidays.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yearly goals check-in:

Every year I try to set yearly goals for myself. Here is where I stand on the goals I set for 2015:

1.) Stitch from my stash on all types of crafting - Complete
2.) Complete my craft room - Complete
3.) inventory patterns and kits 
4.) Work on something new (either a start or a WIP) on any crafting every day from Christmas to january 25th - (i had to adjust the days due to a work trip) - to honor Deborah Faris Bryant - Complete

1.) Complete 4 baby blankets - 1 is spoken for and 3 more (boy, girl, and neutral) to have in reserve. - 3/4 complete -Purple, Fruit salad and Sand are complete.
2.) Learn to knit socks
3.) knit a pair of socks for my hubby
4.) Complete 2 hats for friends
5.) Complete 4 ft on my brothers blanket - 1/2 complete - 2 feet complete
6.) Complete 18 dishrags ( I need to get my reserve of this type of yarn down) - Complete
7.) Complete hitchhiker and 2 more shawls/wraps - 2/3 - hitchhiker and Trillain complete
1.) Complete ABC's of Family
2.) Start Brigid's Shamrock and Noah's submarine
3.) Complete 12 ornaments - 6/12 complete - 2 noel, 2 st. charles, 1 ink circles, and 1 Let it snow 
4.) Complete 4 other larger projects including the Santa from H*ll - 3/4 - Santa's Office Complete, Snowman Stocking #1, and Snowman Stocking #2
1.) Learn Free Motion Quilting
2.) Complete 3 quilt tops - (1 is already spoken for) - 2/3 - Completed Batik Bricks, Plus quilt
3.) Bind my first quilt - Complete
4.) Complete purple quilt for my aunt. - Complete

As we are getting closer to the end of 2015 I try to take stock in accomplishments and plan for the upcoming year. I can see from the untouched items on the list...I may need to focus on taking a few classes in the upcoming year - knitting socks and free motion quilting.

I can also see that I want to take some targeted time every day to do something crafty. I am totally energized after my weekend in Phoenix but also very aware that planning is needed to get things done. I am going to spend the rest of this year finishing some Christmas gifts and a few other to do items.

Happy stitching everyone!  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Early Nov. Finishes

So I have been spending time on the Cover picture from the Just Cross Stitch Issue from December 2015.

                                                       Image result for just cross stitch issue december 2015

This is my starting pic:

I also spent some time with my aunt in Phoenix, AZ. She is an Experienced quilter and sewer. We made a few things so I will shares those pics over the next 2 posts.

Key Fobs - Scrap Fabric

Christmas Wall Hanging - Scraps
Autumn Star Quilt my aunt had in her stash
We also went to a few stores in the Phoenix area including the 3 Dudes Quilting shop. I saw one of the more entertaining figures outside of their shop:

I made sure to send it to my father and Dear husband as my mom was also on the trip. Their response..."oh Heck no...we would be with you all the way!" Nothing like support.

Happy Stitching everyone!