Monday, October 14, 2013


This week was a very productive week! I have more than one finish (and yes some of them are small) but they are still finished off my to do list.

First, let's take a look at a WIP: A baby blanket for the Friend who is having twins. It is the first of 3 on my To-Do list

I apologize for the darkness of the picture but it is cranberry and beige per the Mom's request for her future little girl. The future little boy's will be blue and chocolate. It is the next one on my list.

Second, I FINALLY FINISHED THE TABLE RUNNER that I was working on. It is my first "larger" quilting project. I am glad it is done but not totally happy. The binding was difficult for me and my piecing of triangles could have been better. But, as my mother pointed out to me, I am the only one who will notice it on a regular basis.

I used a Robert Kauffman (sp?) jelly role. I love the colors and it looks beautiful in my dining room.

Finally, I began some work on some Christmas Ornaments:
Ornaments Galore - Leisure Arts Pattern Book
16 ct. AIDA, Suggested DMC Floss

Ornament Galore - Leisure Arts Patterns
16ct AIDA, Suggested DMC Floss

Just Cross Stitch - 2013 ornament issue
Ink Circles design
16 ct. AIDA
DMC Floss
so 2 finishes and 1 almost complete. All of these were a great way to use up some left over floss. I love the Ink Circles Design so much I may be stitching it in multiple colorways.

So...all in all a productive week. The goal for the upcoming week it to complete the baby blanket and possibly start on the next one.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

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Melissa said...

Hi there! I'm a new follower :)

Love your quilty/stitchy finishes!!! I've actually got a jelly roll lying around at home and you've given me and idea!!!

Happy Stitching,