Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Finish #3

This past weekend was the Stitching retreat sponsored by my LNS. It was held at a local state park Lodge from Wednesday through Sunday. The Theme this year was a weekend in Paris. Sue Hillis of Sue Hillis Designs was the designer in residence for the retreat. She spoke of her start, designing process, and some of the issues she sees today impacting pattern design.  There were over 90 women in attendance.

I did get a lot accomplished during my time there. First, I worked some on Brigid's Shamrock from HAED.
I have almost completed a page. it is hard to see but the White section between the Right most Black vertical line and the knot is filled in with White. So That took some time.

I also worked on "Metamorphosis" by Ink Circles. This is where I stopped at the retreat.
I am using Picture this Plus 32 count Linen in the color Wren. I am using the called for Gentle Arts Sampler Threads And Simply Shaker Threads except I swapped out the Uniform Blue with Midnight and the Picnic Basket with Onyx. I continued to work on it when I got home on Sunday and finished it on Monday.
I also worked on Ink Circles - Cirque Des Cercles but only finished about 300 stitches. I also forgot to take a Picture of my Progress.
My Final Start this weekend was Pretty Little Toronto by Satsuma Street on Tarnished Silver from Under the Sea Fabrics.

All in All a very Productive weekend. Now it is back to the daily grind of Work :(

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Friday, January 6, 2017

I finished 2 dishrags since the start of the year. They were completed on my road trip to see my inlaws as they were for my MIL. They were made with Knitpicks - Dishie Yarn and the called for needles for guage but the pattern is something I made up as I was knitting.

The Colors are ones that she requested as she redecorated her kitchen. She is also the one who taught me how to knit and can't knit right now herself due to arthritis.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Finish - 2017

First finish of 2017 - I Love MN
All of the Floss (Dinky Dyes and WDW), Pattern, and Evenweave came from my stash. The pattern is a Lindy Jane Design's Inc pattern from 1998 and I think I got it at least 10 years ago. I have one for Ohio too that I am stitching up as well. It is interesting that the pattern is stamped with Erica Michaels as well. Not sure the story behind that but I noted it in my journal for records.

I have also started "Happy Stitching" by Sue Hillis Designs - she is the designer attending my retreat next week :) Here is my progress pic thus far.

All in All a good stitching start to the year. I also haven't spent anything in 5 days so that is good as well.

Happy Stitching everyone

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 - WIPocalypse Check-in

This is the initial 2017 WIPocalypse Check-in. Each month we are to check-in with our progress on certain stitchy projects. I will be updating the Side bar to the left with my projects as I work through them. The prompt for this month is to introduce ourselves, our projects, and any goals we have for ourselves.

My Name is Katie. I am a mechanical engineer by training with a Ph.D. in my field. I continue to work as an engineer by day and craft when I get the chance at night. I am married but have not been blessed with children at this time so that does give me more time to craft :). My dear husband is very good at putting up with my crafting addiction and loves to see what I can create.

As for my Stitchy goals for this year, I would like to be better at check-ins for WIPocalypse 2017. The projects that I want to work on are half new starts and half WIPs.

New starts:
Cirque des Cercles
Cirque Des Carreaux
Toronto of the Pretty little Cities series
Noah's Submarine
USA - Thea Gouverneur

Pinocchio - When you wish upon a star
Santa and Westie Stocking
The ABC's of Family
Snowman Ornaments
Brigid's Shamrock - HAED - 3 pages for the year or more complete

I also have goals of only stitching from my stash except for the 10.00 budget I have given myself.

Let's hope this works out to accomplishing a lot!

Happy Stitching!

Plans for 2017

I spent the New Year in MN with my dear husbands family and while I was relaxing I spent some time thinking about my plans for 2017. I put my overall crafting goals on a Tab in the top toolbar labeled 2017 goals. They can also be found below:

2017 Crafting Goals

  • Spend no more than $10.00 US per month on Stash of any kind
  • Catalog all yarn on Ravelry
  • Make a catalog of completed Projects
  • Keep track of time spent on Crafting
  • Start Christmas gifts early
  • Complete 2 hats
  • Complete 3 pairs of socks
  • Complete 2 shawls
  • Make 2 more feet of progress on my Brother's Blanket
  • knit 20 dishrags
  • Baby Quilts as Needed
Cross Stitch:
  • Complete 3 total pages on Brigid's Shamrock
  • Complete 4 cities
  • Start Noah's Submarine
  • Ornaments for the Family
  • Stockings for the husband And I
  • 2 quilting weekends with my Aunts
  • 5 quilt tops
  • Finish aprons
I also wanted to think through the plans for Stitch-a-long's, Quilt-a-alongs, etc.
My plan is to keep up with the Small's SAL and do my best to keep up with the WIPocalypse SAL as well. I was not the best at these in 2016 but I plan to do better in 2017.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final Finishes of the year

I was able to finish stitching 4 more Ornaments before the end of the year. They are part of a kit from Craftways that I added to my stash sometime in 2014 (I think?). There are a total of 12 mug patterns but I only see myself finishing 9 of them at most.
All in all they are relatively easy stitches. I am in the process of formulating my Goals for 2017 and will post about them once I get back from a road trip to see my inlaws in Minnesota.

I did just realize that I never took photos of the bound quilts for my niece and nephew but they did sleep with them on Christmas eve so I consider that a win from a 3 and 5 year old.

Now onto deciding what is the next stitch for the Q -snaps?

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

7 Hours...

So I learned that if I put my mind to it and chose the right yarn I can knit a hat (my first) in under 7 hours.  I chose the Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits. It was a super simple pattern to follow and I knit it up in the Void colorway in MadTosh DK by Madelintosh using the called for needle sizes.

As you can see below my dad loved the Hat and wore it most of the night.
Happy stitching everyone!