Monday, September 30, 2013

Update and Happy Dance!

So it seems like my posting is about once a week. I am pretty happy with that frequency with my working alot on my daily job as an engineer/scientist.

I have some progress to show on "The Lady and the Flag"

The Lady and the Flag
Progress as of 9/29/2013
I added a little more to the blue in the flag and some more to the flowers that she is holding in her hands.

I also worked on the MOD coasters and have almost completed the cross stitching!
I did have to put these away as holding the plastic canvas without a hoop to support it was wreaking havoc on my hands. I am hoping to have them complete by Christmas this year :)

I did have a happy dance this weekend as well! I completed the Wristlets I was making using Plymouth Yarns and a pattern I found on the Purl Soho Website: Whit's Knits Ribbed Hand Warmers . I loved the pattern. It was such an easy pattern to knit so I will be making more.

Finally, I did cast on and complete the Border Rows for 1 of the 3 blankets that I have ready to be made. It is using a cranberry and Khaki color combination with a seed stitch border.

Overall, it was a productive week.

The goals for the upcoming week:
1.) Make more progress on "The Lady and the Flag"
2.) Get to the halfway point on the Blanket I recently cast on.

Happy Stitching!!!

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Lonneke said...

Wow, you've got a lot done.
It all looks very good. I love knitting (and wearing) arm warmers; quick project, lots of fun, fits always :)