Saturday, May 14, 2016

I have a reason...I Promise

When I realized that I have been posting once per month vs. the once per week that was my goal I wondered if I had a viable reason for the lack of communication? I figured capturing all of what I realized here with a plan on how to explain it would be a great exercise for me. 

My posting initially dropped off in March, so here is what I realized:

March 6-10th: I was traveling to GA for work
March 23-25: testing at work with no time to craft
March 29-April 1: Testing at work
April 4-7: travel to GA for work
April 14-22: travel to Ireland for Vacation
April 28th: Mother had surgery
May 3-4: GA for Work
May 9-20: GA for Work

In the Past 11 weeks, All but one of them have been busy with Work Commitments. That does not make up for the fact that I did not communicate that but what it dis make realize is that I need to make sure I am taking time for myself during these events.

As a result, I have been making time to craft (and stash build) when I can. I have also been purposefully looking into the local stores where ever I am :)

For Example, in Ireland I found 2 places for Yarn:

I was interested in Irish Wool and Irish Dyers and I found them: O'Maillie's in Galway City and This is Knit in Dublin had a great selection. The picture above shows the finds from This is Knit.

This is Knit in located in the Beautiful Powerscourt Townhouse just off Grafton Street. They carry many Irish Dyers and also have their own line of specially dyes Yarn called Townhouse. They are the Purple skien and the variegated Purple, blue and Green above. I also found a beautiful Yellow Yarn from Hedgehog Fibers and the teal from Dublin Dye. The light Green skien is Irish Wool from a local Irish Dyer. Irish wool is usually rough but this felt good to me.

O'Maille's House of Style was a beautiful store on High Street in Galway City. They are rather famous for having styled the costumes for "The Quiet Man" which was filmed near the store. I was able to purchase some more of the Irish Wool yarn (like the green Skien Above) and some soft Donegal Wool Spinning Co. Yarn. I didn't take a picture of if but it is amazing. My husband found a great hat too. The owner was a veritable encyclopedia on Irish Wool.

I was also able to visit a weaver while in Ireland.
McKernan Handweavers was beautiful. This wall is amazing. The best part what that it had 2 doors that opened to their weaving room. My mom had visited here about 4 years earlier and they had expanded a lot which gives me hope for the knitting arts. I found some great scarves there too :)

So While this doesn't explain the whole time I was not communicating it does cover a 10 days. :) I had to start somewhere.

I will be sharing further updates as I travel to get back in the swing of things.

Happy stitching everyone!