Friday, January 30, 2015

Smalls SAL - January 2015 Check-in

I am taking part in the Smalls Stitch-A-Long hosted by Stitching Lotus. This month I worked on 2 Christmas ornaments. They are the same pattern - St. Charles by Ink Circles I tried a few variations in Linen and Floss. I love how quick this stitch is and how every single time it looks a little different.

Purple & Teal - St. Charles by Ink Circles
Candy Cane - St. Charles by Ink Circles

This weekend I have a few things to finish and hopefully some work on my Turtle Trot Pieces.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Monday, January 26, 2015

30 days of "Starts" - Final Check in

I have come to the end of my 30 Days of "Starts" in honor of Debbie Faris Bryant (SoCal Debbie). Many members of Blog Land are taking part in the Crazy January Challenge where they start some new cross stitch every day for 30 days starting January 1. I knew that I had a work trip planned for later this week so I wanted to start my 30 days on Christmas this year. I was also was allowing myself to work on WIPs in any crafting genre that I take part in whether it be Knitting, Crochet, Cross Stitch, and/or quilting.

1/13: Snowman w/sleigh - again from the Herrschners kit.
Snowman w/sleigh
Herrschners Ornament Kit
1/14: Snowman w/Dog - again from the Herrschners kit.
Snowman w/dog
Herrschners Ornament Kit
1/15: Dish Rag - Block #6 - Pointed Arrow
Pointed Arrow Block - Lily's Sugar and Cream Yarn
1/16: "99" by Ink Circles - I realized late in the game the pictures I took of this one disappeared from the first day so I only have a progress pic from last night. That means this is progress from about 7 days...not just one. This one is for my DH's man cave so I am trying to get it dome sometime this year.
99 - Ink Circles
Called for DMC on Cream Linen

1/17: Bear Ornament - This is great traveling stitching. I got 5 of these small kits a few years ago and am finally taking the time to stitch them. The Bear is first and he is going to be Cute. The finishing on this one will be interesting as I need to make it into a 3D tube. (insert face palm here) I will make sure to take pictures as I finish them.
Bear ornament - Dimensions Kit
1/18 : NOEL ornament Finish - This one needed a few cross stitches and all of the back stitch. I think it came out Amazing!
NOEL ornament
Scrap Piece of fabric
My choice in DMC floss
1/19: Purple Zig Zag Quilt Blocks - It started with the table runner and now I want nothing but to make more quilts in this pattern. I started making a quilt with white strips paired with a purple/blue Batik jelly roll from my stash. The pattern is sitting on top of some of the block below.
Purple Zig Zag Quilt blocks
I also have all the strips sewn together. Some are waiting to be ironed before they can be cut.
Rest of the Strips
1/20: Binding for Barcelona Quilt - This should have been completed so long ago but at least I am making some progress on it. I used white thread to sew the binding together because I didn't even pay attention when I started and I didn't feel like tearing it out as it won't be seen.

Barcelona Quilt Binding
1/21: Apron - Fabric Cut for an apron for myself.  The muslin on top is what I used as a template.
Apron Fabric cut
1/22: Dishrag - Block #7 - King's Crown
King's Crown - Lily's Sugar and Cream Yarn
1/23: Dish Rag - Block # 8 - Bachelor's Puzzle

Bachelor's Puzzle - Lily's Sugar and Cream Yarn
1/24 (and Final): Batik Squares Cut and Ironed: I gave my male cousin who just graduated from college a choice of a quilt or cash as a present and he chose a QUILT!!! I couldn't believe it but I am really happy. I cut some of the below fabric from scraps and some came from layer cake pieces I had left over from a project a while back.

Batik Squares - AB's Quilt.

Well here are my Thirty Days complete. I am going to post a later this week for some finishes etc.
Happy stitching everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch from stash 2015-A: - Check-in

I am again taking part in the Stitch from my Stash SAL. This year it is split into 2 sessions and we are getting credit for finishes. Here is my January Check in:

Month: January
Spent: $0.00

I started/finished 2 ornaments measuring 35X35 each and another ornament measuring (56X100) but I cut its worth in half due to it being partially stitched prior to Jan 1.

I also used the following in all crafts:
3 scraps of linen even weave (4"x6") each
500g of cotton yarn on dishrags
1200yds of yarn for purple blanket.

I will have my final 30 days of items in the next 2 days.

Happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

30 Days of New Starts - Check-in #3

If I have realized anything in the plan to start/work on different things every day for 30 days...I need to plan...plan...PLAN. I am living by a spreadsheet that I have set-up for myself and I made sure not to inset too many large projects as I always want to work on them more that a few hours each night. As for what I have been working on, here we go:

1/8: Cocoa Mug Cross Stitch: This kit is so much fun. Each of the 6 is relatively small and gives a great sense of accomplishment.
Cocoa Mug - Dimensions Kit?
From my stash
1/9: Red and White Ornament: This ornie is one of my go to designs for each year. There are just so many color ways that can be played with that I am always trying something new.
St. Charles - Ink Circles Designs
Scrap of Linen and Floss from my stash
1/10: Purple baby Blanket: The first baby blanket of the year needs to be completed by 2/9 for a work friend who is having her third child. She is so excited because (in her words), "when you are on #3, no one thinks of really doing anything for you." I am glad I can make her happy.
Purple Blanket
Caron - Simply soft
Basket weave pattern on size 10 needles
1/11: Dish Rag - Block #5 Pinwheel
Pinwheel - Lily's Sugar and Cream Cotton
1/12: Snow Man Ornaments - Ski's - This little guy is from a Herrschners Kit and has a snowman riding on Skis. I made some great progress for only working on it 1 day.
Snowman on Skis
Herrschners ornament Kit

Well, it looks like I am all caught up on my 30 days of projects. I am slightly amazed at what I have been able to accomplish once I put my mind to this endeavor.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

30 Days of New Starts - Check-in #2

So for my next round of new starts, I started some smaller projects, worked on a a few old and tried my hand at some hand embroidery.

1/3 - HitchHiker Scarflette - Was able to add 3 more points on this one.
1/4 - Table runner - Gray zig-a-zag flowers - sewed the blocks and some of the blocks into strips. This one is made from all scraps in my stash so I am pretty excited about that. This pattern is an Eleanor Burns pattern that I saw on a Fons and Porters episode on PBS.
Zig-a-Zag Table Runner
Eleanor Burns
All Scraps

1/5 - Christmas Ornament - I started and finished this christmas ornament. The pattern was a free design from my LNS by Tracy Horner of Ink Circles. I finished it on a scrap of linen with left over floss from an old kit and some variegated floss I wanted to try. I also added a border around this pattern. I have noticed that this pattern seems to be my go to for quick ornies. I could see myself making many of this pattern with different over dyed floss to see the effect.

Christmas Ornament #1
Ink Circles
1/6 - Martini Hand Embroidery - I decided to try some hand embroidery. I had these patterns in my stash and some towels as well and this is how far I got on the first day. All Floss was also left overs from old kits from my stash. I was very happy to find some uses for it all.
Martini Hand Embroidery
1/7 - Beer Hand Embroidery - Since I had so much fun with the Martini, I decided to work on the Beer Design as well. I didn't get as much done and I am not sure I like it as much but this is a fun craft to change thins up for me.

Beer Hand Embroidery
All in all a productive few days!
Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, January 5, 2015

WIPocalypse Check - in January 2015

I decided to take part in the WIPocalypse 2015 - hosted by Measi. In this post, we are supposed to introduce ourselves, projects and Goals for the upcoming year. This is my second time taking part in the SAL.

As for myself, my Name is Katie. I am an engineer by training and continue to work in the field in my day job. I am stitching, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, and quilting in my spare time.

For 2015, I highlighted my overall crafting goals in the post here. But for WIPocalypse 2015, my list is below. I have included progress Pics if I have them.

1. Pinocchio - Wish upon a Star


2. Santa and Westie Stocking

3. The ABCs of Family

4. Flower Cards - Susan Bates - The World of Cross Stitch

5. Snowman Ornaments - Herrschers

6. Nativity Set - Janlynn - this has too many parts to put the pics up here but there is a lot of back stitching left.

7. Santa's Office - Joan Elliot
   8. 99 - Ink Circles - will be a new start
9. Mug ornaments - Kit - will be a new start
10. Brigid's Shamrock - will be a new start.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Check on 30 Days of New Starts

I had planned on making new starts every day from 12/25 - 1/24 in honor of Deborah Faris Bryant who passed away earlier in 2014 unexpectedly. She was the first blogger I came across when I started blogging and wanted to do something to honor her memory. I wanted to check in on the things I have worked on/completed since Christmas:
12/25 - Dishrag (easy travel crafting for me)
12/26 - Dishrag (again easy travel crafting)
12/27 - Table runner - I started piecing together the block following a pattern from Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilt company.

12/28 - Santa's Office - I worked on this one from 12/28 until today so far. I really enjoy it so I am keeping it on the Q-snaps. This is the picture as of Today. :) I have had this one kitted up ready to go for over a year.
Joan Elliot's Santa's Office
World of Cross Stitching Magazine from my stash
16ct. White AIDA and called for DMC
12/29 - Dishrag

12/30 - Dishrag - I decided to start working through a dishrag pattern book from Leisure arts that are quilt block patterns. This is the first one that I completed - Amish Diamond

Amish Diamond - Lily's Sugar and Cream Yarn
12/31 - Dishrag - Block #2 from the book. - 9 patch
9 patch - Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton
1/1 - Dishrag - Block #3 - Dutchman's Puzzle
Dutchman's Puzzle - Lily's Sugar and Cream Cotton
1/2 - Dishrag - Block #4 - Variable Star
Variable Star - Lily's Sugar and Cream Yarn

I have a few things in the plans for the upcoming days. It will be a lot harder when I go back to my real job on monday but I am really liking the production and seeing my cotton yarn stash reducing.

Happy stitching Everyone!