Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap

This past Sunday was my birthday :) When my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I told him nothing major except start a few new projects as a present to myself.

On Friday, I just worked on existing projects like the summer mandala and the blanket for my brother. Saturday, I started a Disney Kit - Pinocchio - Thomas Kinkade. It was the first time that I attempted grid ding for a project as it is heavy confetti. There will be more about that one in a future post. I also started a Cowl for an aunt. Sunday (the actually birthday) I started a new ornament out of the Just Cross Stitch 2013 Ornament issue and a new Dishrag. As I type these all out, I realize that I didn't take pictures of any of these :(.

What I did take pictures of was the stash addition that I received from my dear mother and father in law for my birthday.

The above is a picture of KnitPicks Galileo yarn in the following colors: Luminous, Gem, and Lunar. I plan on knitting a Cowl for me. That is unheard of because I never make things for myself these days.

She also included the above KnitPicks Palette yarn as a part of my gift: Shoal, Hare Heather, Peapod, Eggplant, and Safflower. My dear mother in law has always fed my yarn addiction as she is a knitter as well. I am so excited to get my fingers into projects on these too.

The gift from my husband was also in support of my crafting: A light for near my sewing machine. I have been after an Ott-lite ever since I got one near my stitching seat downstairs. The one he bought me can be found at this link. He also got me a magnifier for helping to thread needles and save my eyes.

Hopefully I will have time to take pictures and show my meager starts.

Happy stitching everyone!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Late IHSW report

I apologize profusely for the lateness of my IHSW progress. I at least took the pictures on Sunday but couldn't find the time to upload until today :(

So….First-I finished the first baby blanket for the set of twins that we will be blessing my next store neighbors in December.

The mom chose Cranberry and Beige for the little girl. The little boy will have Blue and Chocolate for his colors. I am tossing around the idea of using the same pattern for both kids but to be frank…I wasn't a huge fan of this pattern so I am on the fence deciding on the pattern. After I finished this one…I cast on for a blanket for my brother. Ever since I made blankets for the births of his children he has been begging for one. The only problem is he wants one in a specific color scheme that is large enough for him ---He's 6'2" tall. I decided that I am going to do it in spurts as I value my sanity.

I also finished the Ink Circles Christmas ornament from the 2013 ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch.
Ink Circles Ornament
2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
16ct AIDA
Random DMC floss in colors of my choosing
It was a relatively quick stitch and I love Her designs at Ink Circles. This love translated into my starting the Summer Mandala which is shown below:
Summer Mandala - Ink Circles
Started 10/20/2013
18 ct. AIDA and recommended DMC Floss
I also finished a few receiving blankets for any future children that enter my world either my own or those that bless my friends.
I apologize for the darkness of the picture as it was a rather gloomy day here in Cincinnati on Sunday. 

Goals for the upcoming week are to finish the black outline on the Summer Mandala and hopefully finish another ornament. Happy Stitching Everyone!

Monday, October 14, 2013


This week was a very productive week! I have more than one finish (and yes some of them are small) but they are still finished off my to do list.

First, let's take a look at a WIP: A baby blanket for the Friend who is having twins. It is the first of 3 on my To-Do list

I apologize for the darkness of the picture but it is cranberry and beige per the Mom's request for her future little girl. The future little boy's will be blue and chocolate. It is the next one on my list.

Second, I FINALLY FINISHED THE TABLE RUNNER that I was working on. It is my first "larger" quilting project. I am glad it is done but not totally happy. The binding was difficult for me and my piecing of triangles could have been better. But, as my mother pointed out to me, I am the only one who will notice it on a regular basis.

I used a Robert Kauffman (sp?) jelly role. I love the colors and it looks beautiful in my dining room.

Finally, I began some work on some Christmas Ornaments:
Ornaments Galore - Leisure Arts Pattern Book
16 ct. AIDA, Suggested DMC Floss

Ornament Galore - Leisure Arts Patterns
16ct AIDA, Suggested DMC Floss

Just Cross Stitch - 2013 ornament issue
Ink Circles design
16 ct. AIDA
DMC Floss
so 2 finishes and 1 almost complete. All of these were a great way to use up some left over floss. I love the Ink Circles Design so much I may be stitching it in multiple colorways.

So...all in all a productive week. The goal for the upcoming week it to complete the baby blanket and possibly start on the next one.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Monday, October 7, 2013

TUSAL and other updates!

This past week was definitely a productive one!

I have a picture of the framed birth announcement that I finished for my niece. :) My brother and SIL loved it.

Birth Announcement for my Niece
Dimensions Kit
14ct. AIDA and Floss provided

I also made some progress on "The Lady and the Flag"
"The Lady and The Flag"
Progress as of 10/6/2013
I decided to take her out of the frame for now. I decided to start some of the ornaments that I need to get done for the holiday season. I started the Snowman below for my nephew.

Snowman 2014 ornament
16ct. AIDA, DMC floss
"Ornaments Galore" Leisure arts book
My ORTs for the month are rather full, so much so that I needed to change the small jar I was using to a larger bowl. Check out DaffyCat's blog for information on TUSAL.

There is everything from the birth announcement, blankets, and "the Lady and Flag"

Finally, I made it 1/3 of the way through the baby blanket.

All in all....A very productive week!