Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IHSW Check-in

My Goals for the weekend were:

1.) Cast on for one of the 3 blankets on my to-do list: Did not complete, but I did cast on and start 2 dishrags that I need to complete.

2.) Finish 1 set of wristlets: I finished one and started the other.

progress as of 9/22/2013

3.) Make some progress on another WIP - MOD Coasters

Progress as of 9/22/2013

start of the weekend status

4.) Make some progress on 'The Lady and the Flag"
At the start of the weekend

Progress as of 9/23/2013 - I added some more to the flag & her arm.
All in all the weekend was a productive one :) Goal for this week is to finish the dish rags and wristlet.

Happy stitching everyone

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Fidike said...

You made a great progress on your projects!