Monday, September 16, 2013

Not one but TWO happy dances!

I realized it has been almost 2 weeks since I blogged last but in that time, I have completed 2 major WIPs.

First, the baby blanket for my niece was completed on 9/8/2013 and sent off for delivery. Here it is in its final form.

It's final dimensions were 40" x 40". The only yarn that was bought for this blanket and not taken out of my stash was the teal-blue color as it was what matched the bedding my sister-in-law picked out. :)

My niece is healthy and happily sleeping at home so all is good on that front. The blanket was delivered  the day after they got home from the hospital. The speed knitting of the last half of the blanket was worth the pain in my hands.

Second on the happy dance train: I COMPLETED THE BUTTERFLY CUSHION!!!! I am so happy that this one is complete. I was getting tired stitching the solid blocks of color.  Here it is just out of the frame.

Butterfly Cushion
3 over 2, DMC floss
completed - 9/15/2013
So the past two weeks have been a productive week all in all. I am flying through the birth announcement for my niece and should have that completed in the next few days.

Happy stitching this week!


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog through IHSW.
Congratulations on your lovely finishes! The blanket is a very special gift for your new neice and your butterfly cushion looks beautiful (:

Marcy said...

Great finishes! I love that butterfly!