Thursday, June 25, 2015

SFS A Check-in June 2015

Here is my Check in for June for SFS 2015-A:

Month: June
Spent: $0.00
Earned: $0.00
Complete Budget saved for part A: $170.00 (May Carryover 145 + 25 from this months budget)

I am actually extremely proud of myself from a budget perspective this year. 

Concerns: I am not necessarily stitching at the rate that I have in the past. Possible causes could be stress from the daily Job, More travel than was expected due to that Job, a death in DH family and a vacation but I have high hopes for the tail end of this year.

There was a glimmer of hope this past month: While I was not planning on having a week long road trip for an out of state funeral in the middle of it, I made progress on a new shawl and am about an hour of backstitching away from completing the Christmas Stocking for a friend. I hope to have pics by the beginning of next week.

I also signed up for SFS 2015-B. The budget has really kept me in check with goals and helped me explore the beauty of my stash in general.

Happy stitching everyone!

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Rosemary said...

You can do this, you're rolling with the punches and that kind of resiliency will do you well in the scheme of things.