Friday, June 26, 2015

Monthly Goals Check-in: June 2015

Here were my monthly goals for June 2015 and where I netted out:

June 2015 Goals:
1.) Post at least 4 times this month - FAIL
2.) Get caught up on posts of finishes- COMPLETE
3.) Complete Cross- stitch of Stocking for a friend - FAIL
4.) Get Batik Bricks quilt to Long armer prior to vacation (That means finishing piecing the top too) - FAIL
5.) Complete 4 Christmas ornaments (These are great car trip tasks) - FAIL
6.) Finish gender neutral baby blanket and post about it- COMPLETE
7.) Tuck in all the ends on knitting projects (It is my least favorite thing to do so I need to make it a goal to get it done.- COMPLETE

With the impromptu out of state Funeral, I am considering the ~43% completion rate a success. I am about an hour or 2 away from completing the Christmas Stocking for my friend and will complete the Batik bricks quilt this weekend. So where do I go from here...

July 2015 Goals:
1.) Stitch from My Stash: really craft from my stash period
2.) Blog at least 5 times
3.) Complete Batik Brick quilt top and get it to the longarmer
4.) Get fabric picked for A&P wedding quilt and ET baby Quilt
5.) Complete in progress shawl and Cowl
6.) Complete 4 ornaments
7.) Complete Stocking and give to Friend
8.) Work on 2 other stitching WIP

Happy Stitching Everyone! 

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