Thursday, January 8, 2015

30 Days of New Starts - Check-in #2

So for my next round of new starts, I started some smaller projects, worked on a a few old and tried my hand at some hand embroidery.

1/3 - HitchHiker Scarflette - Was able to add 3 more points on this one.
1/4 - Table runner - Gray zig-a-zag flowers - sewed the blocks and some of the blocks into strips. This one is made from all scraps in my stash so I am pretty excited about that. This pattern is an Eleanor Burns pattern that I saw on a Fons and Porters episode on PBS.
Zig-a-Zag Table Runner
Eleanor Burns
All Scraps

1/5 - Christmas Ornament - I started and finished this christmas ornament. The pattern was a free design from my LNS by Tracy Horner of Ink Circles. I finished it on a scrap of linen with left over floss from an old kit and some variegated floss I wanted to try. I also added a border around this pattern. I have noticed that this pattern seems to be my go to for quick ornies. I could see myself making many of this pattern with different over dyed floss to see the effect.

Christmas Ornament #1
Ink Circles
1/6 - Martini Hand Embroidery - I decided to try some hand embroidery. I had these patterns in my stash and some towels as well and this is how far I got on the first day. All Floss was also left overs from old kits from my stash. I was very happy to find some uses for it all.
Martini Hand Embroidery
1/7 - Beer Hand Embroidery - Since I had so much fun with the Martini, I decided to work on the Beer Design as well. I didn't get as much done and I am not sure I like it as much but this is a fun craft to change thins up for me.

Beer Hand Embroidery
All in all a productive few days!
Happy stitching everyone!


Linda said...

Love all the projects your working on. They are really pretty.


Ruth said...

A VERY productive few days! Congrats. Is it embarrassing that I like the martini best? lol

Sylvia said...

Wonderful progress on beautiful projects. i look forward to seeing more.