Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Goals and November Check-in

I am a few days late for my Goals Check in for November but here we go. The goals I set for November were:

November 2014 goals:
1.) Complete Boys baby Blanket - Done and gifted to his owners parents in preparation for his birth.
2.) Complete Seed Stitch Wrap - FAIL - I am in the last color stripe...I have about 4 more inches to knit. Hopefully I can get it done this weekend in preparation for my grandmother's travel to my house for the holidays.

3.) Complete 2 ornaments for my Niece and Nephew - Done and Done plus 2 more. See my previous post.

4.) Blog twice per week including the Santa from He**. - FAIL - I blogged but with no frequency and not about the project I cannot stand right now. It is a Santa that a lady from my day job has had partially completed for 10 years and gave it to me to finish.

5.) Decide on yearly goals. - DONE - they will be covered in a future email when I check in on this years goals.

6.) Work on 2 other WIPs - FAIL - well sort of...I completed finished the Advent calendar and hung it on my wall for the month of December. It had been stitched but not finished.

Now for December Goals:
1.) Decide on SALs to take part in next year.
2.) Make a year end summary blog post and show Santa in Blog
3.) Bind 2 Quilts
4.) Finish Quilting and bind quilt for my Aunt.
5.) work on whatever else I want.

Happy stitching everyone!

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Caitlin D said...

Beautiful blanket! I've got one I'm supposed to be working on. Supposed to being the key word. There are a few SALs I've joined to being January 1. You can check them out on my blog and see if they're something for you!