Sunday, September 7, 2014

I-75 Yarn Crawl Follow-up

The I-75 yarn crawl is a Yarn store shop hop for stores all up and down Interstate 75 in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  It took place August 5-9, 2014. For information, you can click on the following Link. There 17 stores that participated this year and I was able to make it to 10 of them. My DH drove me to 6 of them on Saturday alone. I am not sure that I could make it to all 17 of them without taking a day off of work which will not work for me. Each of the stores had a knit and crochet pattern and some had great deals. The overall crawl was great and I always said I wanted to make one of these shop hops on my bucket list.

I was very intrigued with a Trunk show for Interlacements Yarn at The Rabbit Hutch in Englewood, OH. My husband bought a few things for me that were on my Birthday list and I am patiently waiting for them until the end of October. The ladies at the hutch were so nice as well. They were very inviting to my husband who was there to support me :).

I also loved the feel of The Lion and Lamb Yarn Shop in Troy, Ohio. They are a relatively new shop and it was very smartly arranged.

Finally, I love the Wooly Bully Yarn Co. in Springboro. The ladies there are wonderful so I am excited to take a few classes there when I am not traveling for work so much.

I apologize the recap of the Yarn crawl was late. I have been on the go since the event happened and as a matter a fact I am in a hotel room traveling for work and forgot to bring any crafting with me. This is a travesty in my eyes. So...I am planning out gift giving and trying to find patterns for my niece's and nephew's Christmas ornaments this year.

I get home late on Tuesday so...Stitching will be on like gangbusters then.

Happy stitching!

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