Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monthly goals check-in

So I realized that I am late posting progress on my monthly goals:

1.) Complete Mom's Table Runner - YES
2.) Complete Autumn Mandala - YES
3.) Complete Dishrag - YES
4.) Blog at least once per week - YES
5.) Stitch from my Stash - YES
6.) Complete half of the next baby blanket - No: as a matter a fact I barely worked on this one. :(

Overall it was a productive month. I was able to get some things done that were on my to do list and some that were not. In addition to my goals I finished the thanks clip and some finishing.

March: I need to selective as I will be traveling with some frequency this month for my real job so efficiency is Key:
1.) Complete the next baby blanket: I have 3 friends that are expecting children now (2 by birth and 1 by adoption) instead of 1 so I need to get cracking.
2.) Finish half of the dream catcher project
3.) Complete the blocks for my first quilt top
4.) Blog at least once per week
5.) Stitch from my stash
6.) Make some progress on any other project.

The goals are stretching but I think doable. Happy stitching everyone!

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