Monday, December 2, 2013

November Update Part 1

I had the following goals for the month of November:
1.) Finish Summer Mandala - DONE more in upcoming post
2.) Finish MOD Coasters - DONE
3.) Make 4 Dishrags - 2 of 4 so halfway
4.) Complete the finishing on Butterfly Cushion and Christmas ornaments - Done
5.) Complete Cowl - 10 of 50 rows so 20%
6.) get to halfway on 2nd baby blankets for Twins next door - totally done as the babies came a month early
7.) 6" on blanket for my brother - 2" of 6" so 33%
8.) 15 projects for Ultimate Crazy January Challenge - done more in upcoming post.

As you can see from above, the past week off from my everyday job was very productive. I only had completed partials of my goals prior to the time off.

So first and foremost:

Here are the finished MOD coasters
MOD Coasters
completed 11/24/2013
They were a fun stitch until I got to all of the backstitch that was necessary :(. I have the coaster frames on order from Herrschners so I will pop them in there when they get here.

Next I have the finished baby blanket for the 2nd baby next door.

Baby blanket #2
completed 11/30/2013
Here are the 2 blankets for the twins totally complete:

The red blanket is for the Female of the twins and the blue is for the Male of the twins. The blue blanket is the quickest blanket knit I have ever done. I completed it from start to finish in 6 days. I think my hands need a break. I am planning on giving them to the parents tomorrow. Hopefully they like them.

I finished the Christmas ornament finishes so that I could give them to my niece and nephew on Thanksgiving to put on their tree. The last of the 3 is going to be given to my parents.

I also pieced together the tops for some quilted placemats:
I also cut the panels and sashing for what will be a table runner for my mom:

There was also some stash addition as I spent some gift cards on Black Friday. I will have more posts in the upcoming days as I am trying to post more often.

December goals:
1.) post at minimum once a week
2.) Finish cowl
3.) Complete 8" of brother's blanket
4.) Complete Bags for Christmas Gifts
5.) Complete Cross Stitch for Lady a work
6.) Piece together top of table runner

Happy Stitching Everyone!

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