Monday, August 5, 2013

Fabulous weekend

So this past weekend was fabulous for many aspects:
1.) I made great progress on the knitted blanket I am making for my niece who is scheduled to arrive in September.
The colors are going to be chocolate brown, beige, light teal and cream to match the bedding in the room. The good thing is I had all the colors except the light teal in my stash :)

2.) I also completed the entire cross stick portion of the birth announcement for the same niece and started on the back stitch.

I really love how it came out and that it is not overly girly. I am not a huge fan of room's that look like they explode pink.

3.) I also began some work on a scarf that I am making for my Aunt for Christmas:
She loves purple so this seemed like a good idea. The yarn is a natural cotton that I picked up at a weaving store in Waynesville, OH. I love how it feels when I am knitting.

4.) I also progressed with the inventory of my stash as well. I found another unfinished project ( or 2). The first is a heart biscornu that is from a book of patterns I received as a freebie from a cross stitching magazine. I included a pic of the cover of the book below as well as my progress.

I also found a few unfinished ornaments as well:

They both need minimal work to complete them so I am hoping to get them finished in the near future.

Tonight I am onto more inventory and stitching! Hope everyone has a happy week.

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