Thursday, August 15, 2013

IHSW Weekend Goals

The goals for this weekend, starting tonight:

1.) Complete the entire black outline portion of the second half of Butterfly cushion. As a reminder, here it is from my last post:
It should be noted that I have added about 200 stitches to her other half since this picture.

2.) Be at a length of 8" on the niece's blanket. Here is the pic of her at my last progress check-in:
I did some frogging on this one last night and pulled out the dark brown and a few rows of the beige that were frayed. Once I got a look at the bedding this past weekend the dark chocolate color did not match. As such it sits at about 3" currently.

3.) Complete 1 Fingerless glove (I realized I referenced them as wristlets in my last post which was not accurate) in the beautiful silk blend from Uruguay.

4.) Complete 1 knitted dish rag.

5.) Complete - You're so cute I can hardly bear it. Here is the progress pic from my last check-in.
6.) If I am feeling ambitious, work on another WIP.

With the extra Day, I am hoping to get a lot done. :) Happy Stitching to all!

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Lesleyanne Smith said...

Hi, I am a new follower to your blog. I love the butterfly design, I have the pattern for this and keep thinking about stitching it. Yours looks great.

I cant wait to see more of your WIP's.

Best Wishes,
Lesleyanne Smith