Thursday, February 2, 2017

WIPocalypse Jan Check-in!

The January Check-in for the WIPocalypse SAL check-in was on January 29th. I was unable to check-in that day as I was just released from the hospital after emergency surgery. Needless to say, I was super tired and really didn't have the gumption to get online. That being said I am on the mend and Checking in only a few days late.

The topic for this month is: What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?
The only SALs that I am participating in this year is this one and the Smalls SAL where we stitch 1 thing that is small every month. I am intrigued with other SAL's but have not jumped into that pool yet.

Now for the Progress on my list thus far (I do not have very many WIPs so some of these are will be new starts):
Cirque Des Cercles - Started but not pic
Cirque Des Carreaux - not started
Pretty Little Toronto - Focus piece. Here was my start after the stitching retreat weekend.

Pretty Little Toronto - Called for DMC on 32ct. Tarnished Silver UTS
Noah's Submarine - not started
Pinocchio - Did not work on but here is where I left it the last time I worked on it
Santa and Westie Stocking - did not work on it.
The ABC's of Family -  did not work on it but here is it's progress

 Snowman ornaments - did not work on these but I think I am going to use them for the Smalls SAL to get them done this year and finally off this list for good.
Brigid's Shamrock - Worked a little on this. Need some good downtime to work on this as it is a large project. - over a yard of fabric.
All in all, with the surgery involved, a lot of good stitching was done.

The focus for the rest of this month is Toronto and a small.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

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Kaisievic said...

Oh, I hope that your post-op recovery is swift and uncomplicated. Lovely stitching projects on the go - lots to keep you busy.