Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2 ornaments Complete

Well I finished the 2016 ornaments for my Niece and nephew last night. I decided to get a head start on the 2017 ones as next. I used the caller for DMC from my stash and AIDA I had on hand. the patterns are from a Leisure arts book.

I made them the first 2 Gingerbread people last year and 2017 will finish the set. This month is looking to be a good craft month from an accomplishment perspective.

I also decided to take part in the Stitch from my Stash 2017 group. I am giving myself $10.00 for a monthly budget. I am allowed to continue the one Fabric of the month group that I have been a part of for over a year. I am also allowed to pay for framing and finishing as needed. My Stitching retreat is also already paid for so that is covered. The trunk shows are going to be interesting for me at the retreat as I will need to rely on my 10.00 budget and any Christmas gifts I my get. (YIKES)

I also decided to carry this budget through to all my stash related purchases for crafting, including yarn and fabric. I will be allowed to pay for long arming of quilting as needed.

I am still trying to understand how I feel about classes? I was thinking of taking a quilting class so who knows?

I also will state that the budget started November 1 for me.

Happy Stitching everyone!


Melinda Forbes said...

I love these Gingerbread People. I also joined a Stitch From Stash group on Facebook. I am not good at keeping to things like this - but I am determined!

Meari said...

They are so cute!