Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Roundup and November Goals

I wanted to Drop a line on Progress from my October Goals and layout my goals for November.
At the beginning of the month I planned to:

October 2016 Monthly Goals:

  1. No craft stash shopping - SUCCESS
  2. Blog once per week - FAIL - I should have known as I went to Las Vegas for Vacation from the 21-26.
  3. Finish a dish rag a week - SUCCESS - See Below
  4. Complete Pretty Little Italy - SUCCESS
  5. Finish Purple Zig Zag Quilt top - FAIL - I decided it was more important to get my cross stitch pumpkin done. (see Below)
  6. Start ornaments for the holidays. - SUCCESS - but I forgot Pictures :(
Dish Rags:
I am now up to 8 for the year but I have not even begun to make a dent in my dishrag yarn. I have decided that this will be a goal of my upcoming year. I think I may make it a yardage goal but more to come.

Cross-Eyed Cricket Patterned Pumpkin:
I used the called for DMC and a lighter 28ct which all came from my stash. Evenweave than the model on the chart and the one in my LNS. It was a delightful stitch and went much faster than I thought it would.

I was also able to take 3 quilts to the longarmers and 3 pieces to my LNS to get framed (they were having one of their twice yearly sales).

As for November, here is what I have on tap:

November 2016 Monthly Goals:
  1. No Stash or Fabric Shopping
  2. Blog once per Week
  3. Finish 4 more dishrags
  4. Complete 4 ornaments
  5. Bind quilts for Niece and Nephew.
Hopefully not too stretching.

Happy Stitching everyone!!!!!

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