Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My First Stitching Retreat...

...But not my last!

The weekend of the Martin Luther King Holiday in the US I went to my first stitching retreat sponsored by Keepsakes at the Lodge at Hueston Woods north of Cincinnati, OH. There were options for attendance but I drove up to the lodge on wednesday afternoon and stayed through early Sunday morning. There were many options for places to stitch...a fireplace, in front of a TV, and a conference room.

I wasn't sure what to expect at a retreat but what I found was a new group of friends and I was able to rededicate myself to my stitching more than I already have. Here are my highlights:

  • Time: I always have struggles to dedicate time to something that gives me a lot of happiness. It was amazing to take time for me. I finished One Nation and inspired a few stitch-a-longs. I also started my First HAED - Brigid's Shamrock.
  • Friends: New friends are amazing. They can help you stay motivated and be inspired.
  • Local needlework shops: The support that Keepsakes gives to the local community of stitchers is amazing. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have Barbara, her husband Joe, and Lynnie there for help.
  • Trunk shows: WOW....I love trunk shows and the ability to see new things. They also cause me to lighten my wallet but I do love them.
  • Under the Sea Fabrics: LOVE LOVE LOVE this company. 
I cannot wait for next year and have already blocked off my calendar for that weekend at work.

Happy stitching everyone!

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Carla Eldridge said...

What a beautiful experience!