Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 WIPocalypse Check-in

I am also a few days late for the WIPocalypse (sponsored by the wonderful Measi) Check-in but I do have a finish to show: ONE NATION is complete!!!!!!!

There is an interesting story to go along with this one. My Dear husband chose this pattern for me when we stopped at a stitching store in Osage, IA on the way to MN for his grandfather's funeral called The Stitchery Nook. It was our anniversary and my husband wanted to make sure that I had a special experience as we both knew the week was going to painful. the pattern choice was easy because with the military history of both of our respective families we tend to gravitate to something patriotic like this. I used the called for DMC and some linen from Picture this Plus. I would have probably chosen a different color than Ecru but It does have a great antique feeling.

I started stitching on this pattern at a stitching day sponsored by my local needlework store Keepsakes in July. They are also the sponsor of the stitching retreat that I took part in over Martin Luther King weekend which is where I finished the pattern.  It was very fitting to have that happen for me. Also, I was one of three women who were working on this pattern at the retreat. In july, there was a women who kept commenting on my working on this and she was one of the others working on it at the retreat. But the cool part is that a few groups are going to start it as a stitchalong which was fun. I can say I was a trendsetter.

Now for the WIPocalypse question of the month!
Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!
 HI! My Name is Katie. I am 35 and live in Cincinnati, OH. I am an engineer where I have my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. I am married with no children as of yet. I refer to myself as crafty and creative as I love to Crosscstitch, knit, Quilt, and Crochet.

I tend to collect somewhere between 5-10 WIPs over each year but my goal is to get more things stitched this year. My projects for this stitchalong are at the left. With One Nation down, I am thinking "99" may be the next one on the frame. I do plan on working what I want and not be kept to specific goals. I do have the cities pattern by Satsuma street that are also calling to me. We shall see.

My yearly goals for all crafts are in the tab at the top!

Happy stitching everyone!


Linda said...

Congrats on the awesome finish.


Margie said...

Are there any good local needle shops in Cinci? I visit my husband's family every year in the northern Kentucky suburbs and would love having a place to go when I need some time to myself. Actually, favorites of any kind in Cinci would be lovely.

Dr. Dolphin said...

There is a Needlework shop - Keepsakes in Sharonville. If you want, Quilting or yarn shops let me know. I am a huge fan of keeping things local and can help you find what you need.