Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yearly goals check-in:

Every year I try to set yearly goals for myself. Here is where I stand on the goals I set for 2015:

1.) Stitch from my stash on all types of crafting - Complete
2.) Complete my craft room - Complete
3.) inventory patterns and kits 
4.) Work on something new (either a start or a WIP) on any crafting every day from Christmas to january 25th - (i had to adjust the days due to a work trip) - to honor Deborah Faris Bryant - Complete

1.) Complete 4 baby blankets - 1 is spoken for and 3 more (boy, girl, and neutral) to have in reserve. - 3/4 complete -Purple, Fruit salad and Sand are complete.
2.) Learn to knit socks
3.) knit a pair of socks for my hubby
4.) Complete 2 hats for friends
5.) Complete 4 ft on my brothers blanket - 1/2 complete - 2 feet complete
6.) Complete 18 dishrags ( I need to get my reserve of this type of yarn down) - Complete
7.) Complete hitchhiker and 2 more shawls/wraps - 2/3 - hitchhiker and Trillain complete
1.) Complete ABC's of Family
2.) Start Brigid's Shamrock and Noah's submarine
3.) Complete 12 ornaments - 6/12 complete - 2 noel, 2 st. charles, 1 ink circles, and 1 Let it snow 
4.) Complete 4 other larger projects including the Santa from H*ll - 3/4 - Santa's Office Complete, Snowman Stocking #1, and Snowman Stocking #2
1.) Learn Free Motion Quilting
2.) Complete 3 quilt tops - (1 is already spoken for) - 2/3 - Completed Batik Bricks, Plus quilt
3.) Bind my first quilt - Complete
4.) Complete purple quilt for my aunt. - Complete

As we are getting closer to the end of 2015 I try to take stock in accomplishments and plan for the upcoming year. I can see from the untouched items on the list...I may need to focus on taking a few classes in the upcoming year - knitting socks and free motion quilting.

I can also see that I want to take some targeted time every day to do something crafty. I am totally energized after my weekend in Phoenix but also very aware that planning is needed to get things done. I am going to spend the rest of this year finishing some Christmas gifts and a few other to do items.

Happy stitching everyone!  

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