Friday, July 11, 2014

July Turtle Trot/Wipocalypse Check in and Progress!

First...I am slacking on my posting this Month but I do have some progress on one of my TurtleTrot/Wipocalypse projects. I have been working on getting Dream Catcher completed. My last post on it showed progress to this point:

Dream Catcher progress as of 6/23/14
I have turned the corner on the bottom left now and am in the home stretch as with the progress pic below:
Dream Catcher progress as of 7/10/14
I also have been working on the seed stitch wrap and made another color change. I am at 25.6" which exceeds my goal of hitting 10 more inches or 25" total from the month of July. 
Seed Stitch Wrap progress as of 7/10/14

I also celebrated my Nephew's Birthday the first weekend over the fourth of July and made him some "Thomas the Tank Engine" pillows. He was so excited with them and at 3 there is not much his Aunt can get him excited about toy wise :).

This weekend I would like to finish the Dream Catcher and finish my Christmas Table Runner. Happy Stitching everyone!

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Marcy said...

Dream catcher is beautiful!