Monday, July 21, 2014

IHSW check in

This past weekend was International Hermitting and Stitching weekend for the month of July. The goal is to spend as much time stitching as possible. I had the greatest of intentions and did make some great progress but I did spend some time traveling in the car to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. While in the car I did start a new traveling knitting project: The Hitchhiker Shawlette.

I was able to complete 10 points out of 42 for the shawlette. Not bad for some in car progress.  I chose to spend the time I was home on the Dreamcatcher. I was able to finish everything except some backstitching and about 15 stitches of Full Cross.  At my last check in, I was in the bottom right corner.
Progress as of 7/10/2014
At the culmination of this past weekend (7/20/2014), I was on the last corner.
Dreamcatcher - progress as of 7/20/2014
I should hopefully have this one completed by this evening or tomorrow evening at the latest. Then it will be onto working on the Lady and the Flag.

Happy Stitching everyone!


Carla Eldridge said...

Loving the shawl! Can't wait to see your finished dream catcher :D

Linda said...

Both are looking great.


Bea said...

Both projects are lovely. I like the colours in the shawl.

Zurainny Ismail said...

Wow, great progress on Dream Catcher, you really stitched a lot. The Shawlette is so pretty! :D