Monday, April 22, 2013

IHSW, Late TUSAL, Crochet completes, etc.

I am going to begin this post with my TUSAL update 12 days late. Better late than never.

I figured that it had been so long since I updated that I would post this at the end of IHSW. If you look closely at my ORT's you will see the bottom layers are from Sidney the Penguin which was completed at the end of march. The next layers are from 'The Lady and the Flag". The progress of this one can be seen in the photos below:
The last progress pic that was posted

I made some more progress on here in the past week or so and worked sparingly on her during IHSW.
Progress - 4/22/2013
As you can see I added the some of the red and white of the flag and completed more of the dress. IHSW was also the time that my in-laws were in town so I wanted to try something new as well. (My mother in law is a crafter as well so this was expected)

Spring Mandala - Ink Circles designs - 2 over 1 18ct. white Aida
I have been chomping at the bit to start this set of Mandala's from Ink Circles.  I began this patter on Saturday on some 32 ct. linen and hated how it looked. I started on the 18ct. Aida and loved it. I cannot wait to see how it (and the other 3 seasons) come out.

I am also going to put some more dishcloths that I finished crocheting on my finishes page.

Happy stitching!

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