Monday, April 1, 2013

WIPocalypse post late

SO Sorry for the late WIPocaplyse post but it's better late than never.

So I spent a good bit of time since the last post on "Sidney the Penguin" who is now finished. It's time for a small happy dance for another complete project this year!!!. Now I just need to figure out how to display it.
 I also made some progress on the Lady and the Flag. If you have read my blog before, I left off here:
When I completed stitching on 3/27/2013, I was here:
I also did some work on the MOD coasters:
And Here is where I left off as of 3/27/2013:
status as of 3/27/2013
Finally, I did some work on the Florals:
Starting point in March

I made a little more progress on the Lily as you can see below. I think I am bored with this one as the lily has a bunch of Half cross stitches that are a pain.
This week is going to be interesting as we are installing our own closet organizer at home which necessitates cleaning it out, removing the existing shelving, spackling (sp?) and painting prior to installation. Stitching may be at a minimum due to this.

Happy Stitching! (or Organizing)

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