Monday, January 14, 2019

Long Time no Post

It has been over a year since I posted on here last but I wanted to restart this to keep myself up to date on  various Crafting Projects and Stitch-a-longs. My last post on here was 9/27/2017 so definitely too long.  I figured I would split this up into multiple sections to get caught up:

1. Goals
2. SALs
3. Stash Report

    Cross Stitching:

  • Year of Ink Circles: All new starts for the year must be Ink Circles patterns
  • Stitch from Stash: no new Patterns, floss and or fabric except fabric of the month from Under the Sea Fabrics and Seraphim Hand-dyed Fabrics. This will be tracked via a facebook group.
  • Finish #stitch9challenge sponsored by @farmgirl on instagram
  • Make Progress on my WIPocalypse.
  • Organize my craft studio
  • Complete 5 Quilt tops this calendar year
  • Complete 2 table runner commissions
  • Complete Baby Quilts as needed
  • Knit a Dishrag a month
  • Complete 3 pairs of socks this year
  • Complete Baby Blankets as needed
  • Complete one knitted wrap this year

2. SALs
  • Stitch9challenge: finish the 9 projects I identified which are:
    • Heart of the Home by Stitchrovia
    • ABC's of Halloween by Lizzie Kate
    • Pretty Little Tokyo by Satsuma Street
    • Pretty Little Sydney by Satsuma Street
    • Cirque des Coeurs by Ink Circles
    • Chalkboard Mandala by Ink Circles
    • Tapestry by Ink Circles
    • Coastal Cola by Silver Creek Samplers
    • Autumn Sampler (blue Colorway) by *** (I will add it in later)
  • WIPocalypse: Try to finish at least 10 projects. I will use the above plus Rosie the Riveter by Hornswoggle studios.
  • Magical Stitches and Literature Challenge on Facebook.
    • weekly/monthly/yearly challenges for reading and stitching related to the Harry Potter books.
3.Stash Report
  • Report monthly purchase and usage of Fabric, Floss, and Yarn.

I will be updating the background, sidebars, and pages of this document in the near future.

Happy Stitching!