Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our House

I have a finish! I was working on Lizzie & Kate's "Our House" as my travel stitch and I finished it a week ago. I haven't been able to take a pic until now.
I can't remember the Fabric except that it is Weeks Dye Works (I think?). For some reason, on this stitch, I frogged a lot. I kept getting off on the placement of some of the letters. I do really like how it turned out and I will be taking it to the framers soon. I have just the place to hang this one. :) I am also almost done with Pretty Little Italy. Hopefully I will have a pic to post by Monday.

I also finished a baby blanket this past week but gave it away before I took a pic. I need to get ahead of the baby blankets in the next few months or I am not setting myself up for success for next year.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

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