Thursday, January 7, 2016

Word for the Year - LEARN!!!

I have seen a few posts over the weekend talking about a word for the year and I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea. The word I have chosen is: LEARN. I have always loved to learn new things but I have also learned that I need to learn from my mistakes, new experiences, and just everyday life in general. I have started a log for a few things that I have learned this year already (i's been 4 days)!

I wanted to highlight one: I use Microsoft Excel everyday is my job. I can even program the cells to do amazing things but for some reason in all my years I never learned how to insert a line break while within a cell. It was easy to Google it which is what I did when my dear mother asked for help on something. But then I thought...Oh No...I use a MAC at work and not all functionality is in the office Suite for MAC. Hence, another round of Google and the command was ingrained in my brain. I have already used it twice today :)

Here's to a learn-y and crafty year everyone!