Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stitching Questions

Stitching Questions
A fellow stitcher’s blog that I follow by Jeremiah’s Mom posted these fun stitching related questions. I thought I would take a crack at answering them as well...

Q1 - How did you start?  Who introduced you to cross stitching?
I remember my mother stitching P. Buckley Moss Prints that were so pretty when I was in elementary school in the late 80’s.  That in addition to my great-grandmother crocheting the most complication of things got me interested in being able to create something. I first tried more art things like drawing and painting that did not go well. The only person in my family that has any drawing talent is my father. Then I made my way to cross stitching around the age of 14 or so.

Q2 - Favourite theme or designer
I seem to have a love for geometric patterns. So Ink Circles by Tracy Horner and Allesandra Adelaide are high on my list. I also love Thea Gouverneur

Q3 - What brand of floss do you use?
The range of colors on DMC is hard to beat but for some specialized projects I will use overdyed threads. I really love the dyed floss at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

Q4 - What is your fabric of choice?
32 or 36 ct. linens seem to be the best for me. But I also use 16 or 18 ct. AIDA. The choice of colors depends on the design.

Q5 - Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?
Depends, I have done/used both

Q6 - What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?
I love Q-Snaps but prefer hoops when I am using a small piece of fabric for an ornament.

Q7 - How many projects have you finished?
I don’t know the exact number as I just started keeping records but I am between 100 and 200.

Q8 - How many completed works are hanging in your house?
10 – ABCs of food, penguin snow globe, Tea, coffee, Craft Street, 4 seasonal mandalas, and ABCs of Stitching

Q9 - Do you stitch for gifts or for yourself?
Mix of both. Started doing more for me these days.

Q10 - Favourite finished cross stitch piece
It’s a toss up between the Vietnam Veterans piece I did for my father in law, all 4 seasonal mandalas or The butterfly pillow I made for my grandmother.

Q11 - Worst experience whilst stitching?
A piece of linen that broke /tore in the middle of a design. I think I lost 20 hours or so on that one.

Q12 - What do you love and hate about cross stitch?
I am extraordinarily type A so I love how it gives me something to focus on. It destresses me.
I hate when the floss forms knots as I am stitching. It drives me INSANE.

Q13 - Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitching?
Yes, a few souls have become stitchers

Q14 - The first project, did you finish it?
Yes it was the 3 labs pillow I made for my father. He still has it on his rocking chair. The funny thing, all of the stitches go in different directions which bothers me but I still get a sense of accomplishment when I see it.

Q15 - How do you store your floss?

2 ways. Bobbins and bags…I prefer Bags.

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Carla Eldridge said...

I love Q&A's about how people got started and what has happened over the years. Thank you for sharing!