Monday, August 4, 2014

Check-in on July Goals - including new finishes

My Goals for July were as follows:

1.) Complete Christmas Table Runner - DONE
2.) Complete Geometric Placemats - DONE
Geometric Placemats - completed 7/30/14
3.) Knit 10 more inches on seed stitch wrap(total of 25") - DONE: I actually overshot this one as I made it to 36" and the 3rd color change.
4.) Finish Dreamcatcher - DONE
5.) Complete the stitching on the Lady and the Flag so my MIL can do the beading on her - not done: the most recent picture I have of her is below. I have stitched more of her hair but forgot to take a picture before the end of the month.
The Lady and the Flag - Progress 7/28/2014
6.) Blog at least once per week - not Done - I completed 5 posts but they weren't spaced out to once per week.
7.) Stitch from my stash - spend nothing - DONE: I wanted to but a few new charts but I refrained.
8.) Start a new baby Blanket - not Done - There was no way with my overshoot on the seed stitch wrap.

I also did a little more on the Hitchhiker Shawlette I started:
Hitchhiker shawlette - Progress 7/31/2014
I added 4 more points for a total of 14.

Stitching goals for August:
1.) Blog at least once per week
2.) Stitch from my stash
3.) Make it to one more color change on the Seed Stitch Wrap.
4.) Start the new Baby Blanket
5.) Finish Stitching the Lady and the Flag
6.) Make it to 21 points on the Hitchhiker.
7.) Stitch one more Christmas ornament.
I better get cracking! Happy stitching everyone!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW you have been busy and have accomplished. Ambitious goals for August--I think I am a slacker

Carla Eldridge said...

I love the goals each month, it is very exciting to see what you have accomplished :D