Sunday, January 12, 2014

Late Christmas Gifts and Traveling Debacle

We travel after the New Year every other calendar year to spend some holiday time with by DH's Family. My Mother in Law is also someone who feeds my crafting addictions and Stash as well. Here are some photos of my Christmas Gifts from her and my Father in law.
The first bunch are from a day she refers to as a bonding day for me and her. She wanted to hit up some new craft stores and and she gave me a budget as part of my Christmas Gifts.
2 skeins of Cascade Yarns and 2 Skiens of Berroco Sock Yarn

Some additional Fat Quarters

Riley Blake Fat Quarter Assortment
I cannot wait to make a quilt of some sort with the Fat quarter assortment. She had also ordered and wrapped 2 new cross stitch Kits.
Dockside Quilts by Design Works

Aurora by Dimensions
We had a great time while we were in MN, but let's just say the travel back was not fun. You can find my travel Rant below in between the *******. If you chose not to read,  Happy Stitching!

Travel Rant: This year we decided to fly…During the polar Vortex to MN which was in the center of it all in the US. We were able to fly out of Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport with no problems while the temp was -21F. While we were in the Air, our connecting flight and all connecting flights to Cincinnati from Chicago O'hare were cancelled for the entire day. Now while I am all about folks safety…please do not use ground crew safety, Fuel freezing and De-icing Equipment freezing in chicago as to why things were cancelled. Particularly with Chicago being 15 degrees cooler than Minneapolis. The best part about the whole thing, the airline could not get us to Cincinnati for 2 days with no help for food, hotels, and anything else. So I asked if they could get me anywhere close to Cincinnati so that family could come and get us or I could get a one way rental (and get the medication I was short on :( ). They could get me to Indianapolis the next day. So away we went there. The car rental was simple but the drive was not good. The roads were not plowed well until we got about 45 miles from the airport.  we got home about 36 hours later than when we were supposed to and I am out about 650 dollars for a hotel and car.  The best part…The airline sent me an email with a survey to discuss the quality of their service. :)

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