Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New start and IHSW

This past weekend I traveled to my Grandmother's house for a visit and realized that all of my WIP's were not in a state to I started something new :).

MOD Coasters - Jennifer Rodriguez
From "Cross Stitch and Needlework" - July 2012
14ct. plastic canvas, 2 over 1
There was not a lot of time to stitch but I at least got a good start.

I also took some pics of finished projects that are hanging in my grandmother's house and a blanket that I knit her. They can be found on the finished projects pages of this blog.

I also took a picture of my ORT's from January and February as I just learned what that term meant.

I have also signed up for the IHSW this weekend. The link can be found at the right of this post. My plan is to finish the Florals and Craft street at the bare minimum. There is a distinct chance that I will finish them prior to the weekend but they are my goal. This weekend is even better because I am off on Monday and have a whole extra day to stitch.

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