Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LONG time no Post

I realized today that it has been a really really really long time since I posted some progress pics of any crafting on here! I am going to blame it on the fact that I have been on a work travel schedule where I am gone more time than I am away for the past 9 weeks. It has become exhausting. So when I am home I try to get a few things done but not a whole lot. On my trips I am working various shifts in a manufacturing setting so when I get back to my hotel...all I want to do it sleep. update from the hotel before I leave for the airport to go home. I have finished 2 things in these 9 weeks but only took a pic of one. But that one has a hugely sentimental meaning to me.

Aunt B's Purple Quilt - completed Easter 2015

About a year ago as I completed my first quilt, My Aunt B (in the pic with me above) approached me with a quilt project that she started 32 years ago. All of the blocks were had sewn or appliqued on muslin and sashed with some other fabric. To be honest outside of the blocks, the fabric was in a sad state. The blocks themselves were coming apart at the seams. but my Aunt B asked me to make it into a throw quilt she can use on the couch. If you look at the quilt above, the top 2 corner blocks, the left middle, center, left bottom, and bottom right were hers and the others I added. I machine appliqued over all of the hand sewing she had completed. I replaced the sashing with some purple butterfly fabric (butterflies have special meaning to my mom's family), added a purple border and backed it with leftover scraps.

This project scared me as I had never done machine applique in my life but it worked out and most importantly, I was able to finish a project that was 32 years in the making!

Happy stitching!

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