Wednesday, May 13, 2020

WIPs Galore

In the effort of trying to get a handle on my out of control WIPs in cross Stitching, I challenged my group of friends to a WIPs Challenge called WIP it Good. The rules are basically as follows:

No new starts for the following year except:

  •  Anything before 12 noon on 1/1/2020
  • Stitchaway starts
  • Smalls for exchanges
  • Stitch-con Start
  • Whistlestop starts
  • Previously started series and claimed things - Monthly Ornaments - these are like the Scary apothecary series, my halloween cupcakes, etc. 
I did also grant a special dispensation for the Baby it's Cold outside SAL for Leanne from Lost in Floss.

The Goal is basically for all of us to get through some WIPs instead of keeping them all going for extended periods of time.

My list of WIPs is Atrocious to be honest. When I started the year my WIP list was at 93. I have since finished a few due to the above challenge, The WIPGO challenge on Facebook, and the 24 hours of Cross Stitch Challenge.

I have had a few Finishes:

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Turning Over a New Leaf

I realized as I was trying to catalog progress from the previous year that I was woefully behind on this blog and wanted to change that. I also realized at the start of 2020, that I spent too much time starting things and not enough time finishing them. That lead to me setting new goals for my crafting for the upcoming year with the Focus on Finishing!!! My word of the year is FINISH!

1. ) Cross Stitching:
  • No New starts from Stitchaway to Whistlestop except for smalls Exchange pieces as needed
  • Finish stitch 20 in 2020
  • Reduce WIP list by 25
  • Complete WIPGO Board
  • WIPocalypse participation
2.) Quilting:
  • Complete 6 Quilt tops this calendar year
  • Complete 12 Cross Stitch Project Bags
  • Complete 24 Zipper pouches
  • Complete 3 Baby Quilts as needed
3.) Knitting
  • Knit 24 Dish rags
  • Complete Gray Knitted Blanket
  • Complete 2 pairs of socks this year
  • Complete Baby Blankets as needed
  • Complete 2 wraps/shawls this year
4.) Stash Report
  • Report monthly purchase and usage of Fabric, Floss, and Yarn.
5.) Organization
  • Complete organization of my craft room
  • Get Quilting scraps under control
  • inventory all cross stitch supplies in XStitch App.
6.) Social media
  • Keep this Blog Updated
  • Blog at least 3 times a month
  • post on instagram and Facebook with more frequency.
Happy Stitching Everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Long Time no Post

It has been over a year since I posted on here last but I wanted to restart this to keep myself up to date on  various Crafting Projects and Stitch-a-longs. My last post on here was 9/27/2017 so definitely too long.  I figured I would split this up into multiple sections to get caught up:

1. Goals
2. SALs
3. Stash Report

    Cross Stitching:

  • Year of Ink Circles: All new starts for the year must be Ink Circles patterns
  • Stitch from Stash: no new Patterns, floss and or fabric except fabric of the month from Under the Sea Fabrics and Seraphim Hand-dyed Fabrics. This will be tracked via a facebook group.
  • Finish #stitch9challenge sponsored by @farmgirl on instagram
  • Make Progress on my WIPocalypse.
  • Organize my craft studio
  • Complete 5 Quilt tops this calendar year
  • Complete 2 table runner commissions
  • Complete Baby Quilts as needed
  • Knit a Dishrag a month
  • Complete 3 pairs of socks this year
  • Complete Baby Blankets as needed
  • Complete one knitted wrap this year

2. SALs
  • Stitch9challenge: finish the 9 projects I identified which are:
    • Heart of the Home by Stitchrovia
    • ABC's of Halloween by Lizzie Kate
    • Pretty Little Tokyo by Satsuma Street
    • Pretty Little Sydney by Satsuma Street
    • Cirque des Coeurs by Ink Circles
    • Chalkboard Mandala by Ink Circles
    • Tapestry by Ink Circles
    • Coastal Cola by Silver Creek Samplers
    • Autumn Sampler (blue Colorway) by *** (I will add it in later)
  • WIPocalypse: Try to finish at least 10 projects. I will use the above plus Rosie the Riveter by Hornswoggle studios.
  • Magical Stitches and Literature Challenge on Facebook.
    • weekly/monthly/yearly challenges for reading and stitching related to the Harry Potter books.
3.Stash Report
  • Report monthly purchase and usage of Fabric, Floss, and Yarn.

I will be updating the background, sidebars, and pages of this document in the near future.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Quilting Progress!

I finished the Following Quilt Tops over a sewing weekend with my Aunt:
Jelly Roll Race v1
 This was the first jelly roll Race Quilt Top I ever finished. It was fun but very hard to keep the initial first few seams straight. I think I am going to try another one in the future as I got an extension table for my sewing machine that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.
I actually completed 2 of these Tops. One will be for my Grandmother in Law and one will be for my Mother in Law. Never never again will I make 2 of something.

All in all a productive weekend as I was able to cross 2 things off my to do list!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

August and September Stitching Updates

Well it has been a long time since I last Updated but I do Have a lot to share! My plan is to get caught up in a few posts. I am going to recommit to my Crafting Blog as I really need it to help me stay on task.

I have been working heavily on 2 projects:
Brigid's Shamrock
This is a HAED pattern that uses DMC threads and I chose to put it on 18CT AIDA as it is 100% Coverage. The Pciture above was the starting point in July. I worked on this project on 2 summer stitch days sponsored by my LNS and got to this point:
Then I spent concentrated time on the project in August and some of September am at this point currently:
My plan is to get to 1/4 complete before I move to another Focus project for awhile. I have already consumed 5 Skiens of DMC (2 black, 1 each of white, 906 and 907). I also made the grime guard on my Qsnap as well :)

I also worked on Tapestry by Ink Circles.

This is using the called for threads on Autumn by Under the Sea Fabrics on 32ct lugana. this was a true joy to work on but decided to take a break to focus on Brigid's Above.

Finally, I completed the following that was my travel stitching:
I used the called for DMC and a piece of 28ct. evenweave from my stash. It's a Cute Pattern from Lizzie and Kate Called Live Well

The plan for October is to get to the 1/4 point on Brigid'd and move to a Halloween pattern of some sort.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

July Finishes!

So I have completed 2 of the to do items from my last post!
Purple Zig Zag Quilt - Completed June 2017

Pretty Little Barcelona - Satsuma Street with called for DMC on Tarnished Silver by Under the Sea Fabrics
The Purple Zig Zag Quilt just needed the borders added on so I took a Sunday and added a batik from my stash and some Purple Grunge as the borders. I love love love the way it turned out.

Pretty Little Barcelona took longer to stitch than I really wanted it to but I am happy with how it all came out. I had 2 summer stitch days that were sponsored by my LNS Keepsakes and I contemplated bringing this to that but decided to work on a few other projects. I worked on Brigid's Shamrock, some of Cirque des Cercles and started Tapestry by Ink Circles. Tapestry has become my new favorite. I may be replacing it as my goal finish by August 31st.

This weekend is going to be a great one as I am packing up and going to my Aunts for a sewing weekend. I am going to try to finish up some works in Progress including the 2 NOEL projects and maybe even kick out the jelly roll Race if I can. Who Knows what will strike my fancy?

Happy stitching everyone!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Finish

Another finish to Share...Broderie a Paris by Sue Hillis. It was designed as a giveaway for the Stitching Retreat that is organized by my LNS  - Keepsakes in Sharonville, OH.

The Pattern calls for Cranberry and a cream overdyed floss. I am not a huge fan of red so I decided to do mine in my favorite blue color. I love how it turned out.

I am currently working on Pretty Little Barcelona by Satsuma Street. I began it on the plan ride to Seattle for our recent cruise to Alaska. I am getting somewhat bored with it so I may change it up depending on how I feel. My work life has gotten super busy and I am struggling to find the time I want to for crafting. I finally decided to take some days off at the beginning of July to get some control over things. I am also going to use goals to get back on track.

Summer Goals - completed by Aug. 31st
Complete Pretty Little Barcelona
Complete Cirque Des Cercles
Put borders on Purple Zig Zag Quilt
Finish Both NOEL Quilt tops
Finish one Jelly Roll Race Quilt Top
Finish shawl on the needles
Complete 10 Dish Rags
Finish sock pair on the needles
No stash Shopping
Blog once per week

The list is long but I think it is feasible.
Happy Stitching Everyone!